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Risk analytics as a service, powered by artificial intelligence

Increase predictiveness

Our risk engine uses both financial and alternative data to increase the efficacy of risk assessment.

Reduce time to decision

Artificial intelligence enables real-time assessment of risk, reducing the need for time-consuming, laborious processes.

Access thin-file applicants

By leveraging alternative data, previously underserved segments can be safely offered risk-managed finance.

See risks in real-time

By leveraging multiple data sources and a modern data architecture, changes in risk can be responded to in real-time.

We provide analytics for


Credit Risk

Automate origination and underwriting, or analyse existing portfolios to provide early warning for defaults.

Insurance Shield


Detect customer and counterparty fraud predictively in real-time. Prevent losses before they occur.


We collect, verify and aggregate internal and external data points to produce a comprehensive, data-driven view of an individual’s or SME’s risk profile.


We use cutting edge techniques in artificial intelligence and deep learning to compute risk scores across a number of different risk categories.


Our solution offers robust monitoring of risk at the time of decision and on an ongoing basis. Our technology predictively offers insight on books of lending throughout the lifecycle of each loan.

# curl -H "Authorization: Bearer ${access_token}" https://api.statys.ai/risk/credit

  "results": [
      "company_name": "Smith Construction Ltd",
      "assessment": [
          "type": "social",
          "score": "82.4"
          "type": "behavioral",
          "score": "46.2"
      "timestamp": "2018-02-08T10:22:36.8253583Z",
  "status": "success"

API-first with beautiful interfaces

With just a few lines of code, you can integrate Statys into your decision making process.

Our pre-built UI components allow painless onboarding of customer data and simple display of insight for individuals or portfolios.

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